Can I use my iPhone Sim Card in my iPad

As 2012 rolls on there are over 5.9 BILLION mobile phone subscribers in the world, that’s 87% of the worlds population!  So with pretty much everyone in the developed world already paying out for a mobile phone contract, it’s only natural that if you have an iPad as well that you wouldn’t want to pay out for another contract.

So can you take advantage of your mobile data allowance in your iPad?

Yes, no, maybe…

Yes - If your phone has a micro sim card then technically it will fit in the iPad and you could enter the correct APN settings and it would work for browsing the net, downloading music etc.


No – It’s almost always against the terms and conditions of your contract and if you are found out then you could end up paying through the nose or even having our contract cancelled and having to hand back your phone!

But then…

Yes – If your contract supports “Tethering” and your mobile phone does too, you could set up a wi-fi hotspot and connect your iPad to that, thus using your mobile phones data allowance.


No – Lots of networks have conditions forbidding the use of tethering, so unless you want to be charged a fee for being found out, it’s safer not to.  Sometimes you can add Tethering as an optional extra but it’s going to cost you, and if low cost is your goal then ordering a Giffgaff Micro Sim could be your cheapest option.

So with that in mind, if you’re the naughty, devious sort you could try swapping out the sims or tethering, but the more responsible among us will probably want a micro sim card for their iPad.  Find the best data plan for you right here at

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